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Top Five Health Issues Faced By Seniors

With advanced medicine and a peaceful world more and more people are living longer. There are senior specific problems that plague the 60+ age range and some health issues that effect all ages but seniors more so. ‘Common Health issues’ conjure up lists of different things for each of us, here is a list based on their impact to limit life or quality of life for people over 65.

These top 5 issues are conditions that seniors suffer with more then people of other ages:

Heart disease: Over time the muscle of the heart due to lifestyle or genetics can become filled with plaque or otherwise wear out. Heart diseases are the #1 killer for people over 60 and even if it does not kill you, ailments of the heart can seriously impact your quality of life if not cared for correctly.

Arthritis: This painful ailment will not kill you but if you have it you may argue that it should be #1 on the list. The degeneration of the joints is a symptom of age. Fortunately there are medications and also natural remedies that can keep you comfortable.

Dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease: This set of ailments rob a person of their memory and/or ability to be independent in the world. Unfortunately prevention and cures are still not proven this condition is far too common with people over 65

Stroke: This is the #3 killer for people over 65 (Cancer is #2 but people of all ages suffer from cancer). Cerebrovascular Diseases, when they do not cause death, cause physical and/or mental impairment such that a senior can not fully enjoy the years to come.

Sensory issues: The loss of vision, hearing and even the sense of smell may see minor compared to the first 4 but it is also far more common and requires you to learn to adapt to the loss.
Beyond these 5 there are lists of things that impact a person over 65 more then a person under 65 but they are problems at any age. Seniors need to be twice as careful about keeping healthy because it is twice as hard to get healthy again.

Here are a few more to think about:

Physical Activity and Nutrition – you can’t retire from taking ownership of your body

Tobacco and Substance Abuse – You can’t age out of an addictive habit and the older you are the more impact they may have. Be careful even with prescribed medications that can be addictive.

HIV/AIDS and STD’s – This is a growing concern with seniors who have a virus from younger years and are now less resistant. With the little blue pill adult activity on a senior level is on an all time high, remember health class and be protected. Just because pregnancy is off the table does not mean you are safe.

Depression – A life long struggle for many but many over 65 feel it more keenly

Injury and Violence – Bones are not as strong so a slip and fall is a real concern. Injury is also caused by violence against seniors from a variety of sources. Be careful with your self and have a plan to get help if you are hurt.

The quality of the environment, access to health care, and an endless list cause concerns for seniors. You can give yourself an ulcer worrying about everything, bottom line is to keep aware, alert, and active so you can help you stay happy longer.

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