Skilled Nursing
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Commonly known as nursing homes or convalescent homes are for those whose supervisory care exceeds that of an assisted living community, are in need 24/7 medical care, or a short-stay post an acute hospital stay. Skilled Nursing residents may be in need of either medical or non-medical care, or a combination of both; e.g., assistance with their activities of daily living (assistance in/out of bed, toileting, or dressing), assistance in/out of wheelchair, assistance to/from room, preparation of special diets, medication administration, catheter or colostomy care, wound care, etc.

Generally, a persons continued decline in ability and/or health, either at home or while living in an assisted living community is the cause for placement in a skilled nursing facility. Placement can be temporary to ‘nurse’ a person back to health, physically and medically, so that a transfer back to ‘home’ can be successful.

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