Short-Term Stay/Respite Care
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Short-Term Stay/Respite Care can be at an Assisted Living Community or a Skilled Nursing Facility, depending on the level of need. Short-Term/Respite Care allows a loved-one, family, care provider to take time to address their own needs. Short-Term Stay/Respite Care can range from several days to a few months. This allows families to take a short break, a business trip or extended vacation. All persons residing in the community have full access to all services, meals, activities and events while living in the community (some services and events may carry a nominal fee).

It is not uncommon for a Short-Term Stay to turn into your loved-ones new home allowing for more time with like-minded and like-aged persons.

If you or someone you know is considering a move to an Independent Living/ Assisted Living Community then use the Short-Term Stay as a way to test the water.

Planning a Short-term Stay/Respite Care is easy, but does need to be planned in advance to ensure availability of a furnished private unit and that appropriate needed services are in place prior to the start of they stay.

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