Assisted Living
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Assisted Living Communities are designed for those who wish to live in a communal setting that offer services such as meals, housekeeping, utilities (less phone and tv), daily calendar of events, and continued opportunity for socialization. Some residents may not need any assistance, living completely independent. While others may need assistance with bathing, dressing, medications, coordination of services, and monitoring of residents to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.

Most who choose to live in an Assisted Living Community commonly ‘age-in-place’, meaning that as additional services are needed there is not a need to move as assistance/services can be obtained from the community or an out-side agency (both for a fee). There may come a point at which the assisted living is no longer able to address residents personal and/or medical needs. Should this occur appropriate placement options can be provided to assist families.

It is common for couples experiencing the need to place their husband/wife/partner in an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community to move-in together. This allows for the couple to remain together and receive appropriate support services to be rendered to one, while eliminating the care, cleaning and cooking needs from the other.

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