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Exercise For Better Cognitive Functioning

The human body is a marvelous creation and the crowing glory is the brain. The brain is not just what runs the body, it is what makes us unique individuals. The brain is a muscle that needs to be stretched and worked and cared for or it will waste away. When you research “Exercise for… Read More »

Top Five Health Issues Faced By Seniors

With advanced medicine and a peaceful world more and more people are living longer. There are senior specific problems that plague the 60+ age range and some health issues that effect all ages but seniors more so. ‘Common Health issues’ conjure up lists of different things for each of us, here is a list based… Read More »

Mediterranean Diet is Healthy Eating – A Good Option for Seniors

The average life expectancy in world is 67.07 years; the United States is 78.37 years and the number one country for life expectancy is Monaco on the northern shore of the Mediterranean sea at 89.7 years. Many of us have heard about the ‘Mediterranean’ diet and there is something to it according to numerous studies,… Read More »

Why Does Walking Speed Decline With Age?

Why does walking speed decline with age? Personally we can name many people who start to slow down as the years mount up but as of today there are no notable studies that say AGE makes you SLOW. The correlation found in the age and speed studies also show a link between the body mass… Read More »

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